Tuff Trays

Tuff Trays
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Tuff trays provide an endless amount of sensory play opportunities. Use the tuff trays for sand, water or messy play. We also have colourful tuff tray inserts to stimulate play. Tuff trays come in a variety of colours.
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Tuff Spot Trays are used in many different settings such  as schools, nurseries and the home as they are so useful to contain play and mess whilst also enabling imaginative play. A tuff tray has become synonymous with messy and open ended play with lots of possibilities to develop sensory processing.
The large size of the Tuff Spot trays (1m in diameter) and 8 sides encourage group play – there’s room for up to 6 children to play comfortably together at the Tuff Spot Trays.
The octagonal shaped Tuff spot tray has raised sides that are perfect for containing sensory materials, messy play and small world scenes in one place.
Tuff spot trays are perfect for use with every age, every child and adult can make use of a Tuff tray.

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