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Chime Frame and Beater Wooden Sensory Toy
£79.99 £94.99
Make Music!
First Wooden Piano
In red or Black!
Choose colour
Flip Fingers Sensory Toy
Spin the fingers & listen to the bell!
Halilit Cage Bell
Bell safely enclosed in plastic cage
Choose colour
Halilit Clatter-pillar Sensory Music
Proprioreceptive input!
Halilit Wave Drum
Rushing Wave sound!
Infantino Baby's 1st Teethe & Play Music Set
Rushing Wave sound!
Rainbow Spinning & Humming Top
Traditional toy!
Sensory Sound Blocks
Age 12m+
Wooden Guitar - 21"
In Natural or Red!
Choose colour
Xylophone & Pounding Bench
Xylophone can be separated