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Sensory Lights

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Fibre Optic Sensory Light
Colour Changing!
Flashing Light Up Hair
Visual Stimulation!
Infinity Sensory Light
Visual Stimulation!
Lava Lamp
LED Colour Rotating Disco Lightbulb
Great for sensory rooms!
LED Coloured Candle Lights (6)
Remote control & Timer!
LED Egg Sensory Lights (4)
Changes 6 colours !
LED Light Diffuser
Music & Oils!
LED Mood Blocks (4)
Changes colour!
LED Speaker Disco
Disco Light Effect!
Light Sabre Sword
6 colour modes!
Light Up Bouncy Comet Ball
Lights up when bounced!
Choose Colour
Light Up Bubble Wand Sensory Toy
On/off switch!
Light Up Flashing Tambourine Music Toy
Flashing lights!
Light Up Mini Flash Stick Sensory Light
Great for dark den!
Light Up Spikey Sensory  Ball
Lights up when bounced!
Light Up Spinning Sensory  Toy
Great for sensory rooms!
Mini LED Jellyfish Aquarium
Great for bedrooms!
Nature Sounds Light
Changes colour by touch!
Ooze Tube (large) Sensory Liquid Timer
Watch the jelly drip!
Pink Sensory Lights Gloves
6 light up modes!
Pyramid Mood Lamp
Changes colour!
Rainbow Rocket Light Tube 100cm
Changes colour!
Rotating Globe Light
Sensory Light / Lamp Glitter
Glitter filled liquid!
Sensory Light Cushion
Colour Changing!
Sensory Light Tree Stump Stool
Great for sensory rooms!
Sensory Lights for Fingers (4)
Fits all fingers!
Sensory Mood Light Ball
16 colours!
Sensory Star Light
Night light too!
Squishy Sensory Stress Balls Set (4)
Stress Relief!
Star Fountain with Light Bath Toy
£8.99 £9.29
Lights up!
Star Light Ball
10 lighting effects!
Tiny Dreamer Musical Sensory Light Projector
£29.99 £34.99
Projector, Nightlight & Lantern!
Twin Glitter Sensory Light / Lamp
Colour Changing!
UV LED Torch
Make UV toys glow!
UV Sensory Bag
£19.99 £24.99
UV Fun!
Volcano Sensory Light / Lamp
Colour Changing!
Vortex/Tornado Sensory Mood Light / Lamp
Colour Changing & internal tornado effect!