Sensory Lighting

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Sensory Lighting and Sensory Lights

We sell a range of Sensory Lighting and Visual Sensory Toys ranging from Sensory lights,light up toys, bubble tubes, fibre optics and more. Sensory Lights can help stimulate vision as well as providing calm and relaxation to help maintain focus for children and adults with special needs, autism and ADHD.

Sensory Toys UK sell a wide range of sensory lights based in the UK with quick dispatch and conforming to safety standards.

Sensory lighting is used in a variety of settings such as school, nurseries and also at home, our sensory lights are ideal as a calming effect in a bedroom or sensory room.

Our sensory lights are affordable and easy to use. Do you have a child that is hyper and can't settle? Maybe overwhelmed by noise and hustle and bustle? Our sensory lights and dark den can help to provide a calming place where children can relax and recharge without distractions and have the sensory quiet they sometimes need.

Sensory lights and sensory lighting will help to improve concentration, focus, calmness and provide children with a recharge/refresh. Sensory lights are also so important to help develop vision, they can support children in leraning to fix and follow and to track light without other visual clutter.

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Sensory Lighting
Sensory Toys UK stock a wide range of sensory lighting in the UK.
We stock a variety of sensory lighting
Sensory lighting is used across the world in various sensory room settings and the benefit of sensory lights are proven.
We have the largest range of sensory lighting in the UK and have worked hard to provide a range for all budgets from start up sensory rooms at home through to sensory lighting for professional sensory rooms in settings such as hospitals and schools and nursery settings.
Take a look at our sensory lighting ideas below:
Sensory lights for children with special needs can improve focus, promote participation and create visual stimulation through  bubble tubes, bubble lamps, UV sensory kits, flashing lights, torches, fibre optics and glow in the dark lights.
Our Sensory Lights provide a wide choice, some of our Sensory Lights also have music as an addition to help create a relaxing environment.
Sensory lights for children are ideal for visual processing, improving fixing and tracking as well as developing hand eye co-ordination.

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