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Sensory Kits

Sensory Kits and Sensory Hampers
A range of affordable different sensory kits, sensory tubs and sensory bags to suit all ages at great value.
Our sensory kits enhances sensory play to help develop all of the senses. We sell sensory tubs, sensory fidget kits that are portable in a neat carry case so that children can fidget on the go as well as UV Sensory Kits to stimulate vision. Our UV sensory kit is ideal for a sensory room or dark den with light up toys and uv sensory toys.
Sensory Toys UK have exclusive sensory kits as we create them ourselves to give the best value as well as a multi sensory play experience.
Ranging from smaller Sensory Kits to Discovery Tubs which host everything your sensory environment needs.
Our sensory hampers are jam packed with sensory toys that we know children will love. The sensory hampers contain fidget toys, stress balls, light up toys, bean bags and much more.
These sensory kits and sensory hampers are our best sellers as they offer great value for money and are the perfect gift for a child with special needs.
Our fidget toy bins and sensory hampers are the best value you will find.
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4 x Air Filled Puffer Stress Ball
Squeeze your stress ball!
Crown Vinyl Easy Peel Stickers - Asst colours
Add to the Sensory Kit Carry Case!
Choose colour
Fun Tactile Set
20 tactile bones!
Magnet Play Set
Includes Activity Guide
Sensory Sound Blocks
Age 12m+
Small Sensory Kit
£13.99 £14.99
Asstd Colours!
Soft Rubbery Sensory Stress Ball
Pull your stress ball!
Strip of 12 Football Vinyl Easy Peel Stickers - Asst colours (1)
Great to brighten up the Sensory Kit Carry Case!
Choose colour
Tactile Circle Set
10 circular discs!
Therapy Putty Set
Non toxic/non greasy Putty!
Translucent Sensory Box
498 pieces!