Sensory Balls

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Sensory Balls & Stress Balls at Sensory Toys UK
Our range of sensory balls include stress balls and stress toys.  A stress ball can help you squeeze out your anxieties and help you keep a level head – whether at work, school or home. A stress ball is known as a stress relief toy.
A stress ball is an ideal toy for autistic children you can squeeze them, prod them, crush them - do whatever it takes, but by the time, you are finished, you will be calmer! Stress Balls can keep hands busy and help children and adults to maintain focus and reduce stress by squeezing the stress ball.
Browse our large range of sensory balls and stress balls to include mesh balls, squishy bead balls, and light up balls, water balls, cuddle ball, koosh ball, reflective balls, water balls and tactile balls.
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