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Easy Catch!

Scarg Bean Bag

This scarf bean bag is easy to throw and the scarf gives the catcher a better sight of the ball in flight and therefore a better chance of successfully catching the ball. Bags with scarves are a great way to build catching and throwing skills for children and adults with special needs. Also great for children with visual impairments that may not be able to see a ball clearly. Easy for children to eye track giving a higher chance of catching as they float through the air. 

Product Information

* Suitable from 5+ years. Use under direct adult supervision.
Hook tips to stick to fluffy fabrics
* Size 5cm beanbag with 25cm scarf
* Weight 10 grams 
Includes 1 scarf bag 


Suitable from 5 years+. Use under direct adult supervision.

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Brand Sensory Toys UK
Product Code fpams3