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Ooze Tube (large) Sensory Liquid Timer

Watch the jelly drip!

Large Ooze Tube

This lovely Large Ooze Tube is one in our range of sensory toys, perfect for a child's bedroom. The Ooze Tube is 20cm tall and is 8cm in diameter. Watch the jelly liquid ooze to the bottom when you turn the tube. It's such a satisfying sensory toy and fidget toy, making it one of our favourites in our range of fidget toys.

The jelly liquid Ooze Tube takes around 10mins to fall but will depend on room temp, making it a liquid timer similar to a sand timer.

This Ooze Tube is one of our favourite in the range of sensory toys and stress toys - an ideal addition to a sensory room that can help to develop vision skills and also provides a calming environment. This Ooze tube is a great toy for autistic children and children/adults with special needs and/or sensory processing disorder.

This Large Ooze Tube comes in red.

Product Information

Size: 20cm tall, 8cm diameter.

Red jelly Liquid


This is not a toy, to be used under adult supervision.


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Brand Sensory Toys UK
Product Code PL-1001