• Night Light with Built in Music Player
  • Night Light with Built in Music Player
  • Night Light with Built in Music Player
  • Night Light with Built in Music Player
  • Night Light with Built in Music Player

Night Light with Built in Music Player


Remote control!


Night Light with Built in Music Player.

This soothing Night Light has 7 colourful light modes,you can choose red, blue, green or a multicolour light show. The colourful light casts on your ceiling or wall creating a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms. It comes with a remote control for ease of use. TF Card Readable: plays your favorite song while the light show is on, and the audio input can be connected to MP3, phone and PC for music playing. Auto Off Timer: there are 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs for your choose. You can access these settings and options without getting out of your bed. Music player can be off to just have light show if required.

It also has an adjustable angle so the projector can go straight up or cast in a different direction according to your needs(0-45 degree). 

Equipped with TF card slot and built-in mini speaker, enjoy lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music while insert TF card or connect with external audio source.
Built-in Music includes:

Forest Sounds
Ocean Wave Seagulls Sounds
Flowing Water Birds Sounds
Nature Sounds

How to Use ?

1.Long press the switch key 3 seconds to turn on the light mode 1 light, while lullaby music 1 play.

2, Short press the switch key to replace the light mode.

3, If you only need to replace the hypnotic song, press the remote control or host to replace the Previous or Next song.

4, When inserting the TF card or external source, the lullaby will automatically shut down.

5, When inserting the external sources, the host and remote control Previous or Next song can not been operated.

6, According to the remote control H1 / H2 / H4 that the host timer settings, in 1 hour / 2 hours / 4 hours after the automatic shutdown.

7, Press the remote control TIMER OFF button to cancel the timer function.

8, Long press the key to turn off.

Product Information

* Not a toy, to be used under adult supervision.
7 colourful light mode & rotate mode
* Smart touch sensor key
* Remote control 
* Batteries NOT included
* Angle adjustable
* Built-in music
* TF card slot
* Audio input


Unsuitable for children under 6 years old, to be used under adult supervision. This is not a toy.
This product is non-waterproof, prohibited storage or use in the place of humid or high temperature .