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Magnet Play Set

Includes Activity Guide

Magnet Set

A Magnet Set to keep you busy and engaged. Attract early physics skills through fun magnet experiments with this set. Answer big questions about magnetism using time-tested accessories and some seriously fun experiments that range from learning basic concepts to thematic hands-on challenges to full-on game play. Includes:

  • magnetic wand
  • magnetic post
  • 2 magnetic rings
  • bar magnet
  • 2 magnetic balls
  • horseshoe magnet
  • string
  • 30 colour chips
  • activity guide includes 10 engaging tasks suitable for ages 5+

Product Information

* Suitable for ages 5+years. 

* Not suitable for children under 36 months


This is not a toy, to be used under adult supervision.


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Brand Learning Resources
Product Code lramz4
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