Large Sensory Glitter Tube 32cm


Visual stimulation!


Large Sensory Glitter Tube

This Large Sensory Glitter Tube is one in our range of sensory toys and stress toys. This large glitter tube is contained by shatter-proof plastic, and then filled with glittery, swirling liquid in bright colours. Turn over the glitter wand and watch the shapes sparkle, swirl and float around the tube - making it one of our favourites in our stress relief toys range.

Sparkly colours include yellow, blue, green and purple and styles such as stars and various shapes. This is a great toy for autistic children and children/adults with autism or sensory disorders. The shapes and colours may vary.

Contains one Large Sensory Glitter Tube 32cm

Product Information

1 x Glittery Tube supplied
Material: Strong tough clear plastic, water, glitter
Size: 32cm long
Recommended for Age 3+
Shapes and colours inside tube may vary.


Warning: This is not a toy, use under adult supervision.


Brand Playlearn


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