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Gross Motor Toys

Gross Motor Sensory Toys
Gross motor sensory toys enable children to develop gross motor skills to Gross Motor Skills using the large muscles of the body in a coordinated and controlled way. There are many tasks that require gross motor skills such as catching a ball, balancing, climbing, jumping on a trampoline, playing tag and running races. Our sensory toys can aid this gross motor development so that children can improve through practice.
Children and adults with special needs often have difficulty with gross motor tasks due to lack of coordination and control so they will need lots of practise involving gross motor sensory play.
Browse our sensory toys at Sensory Toys UK to help support and develop your child's gross motor skills.
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5 x Resistance Bands
5 tensile strengths!
Balance Beams - Gross Motor Toys
Six balance logs!
Bean Bag (throwing)
Catch and Throw!
Choose Colour
Bean Bag (throwing) Set of 10
Choice of colours!
Choose Colour of set
Colourful Scarf
CE Certified!
Constellation Ball Large
Visually stimulating!
Fidget ball
Hrs of fun!
Original Koosh Ball (small)
Great for catching skills!
Peanut Exercise Ball
Good for tactile & motor!
Choose colour
Rocking Horse with Side Rails
Removeable Side Rails!
Scarf Bean Bag Sensory Toy
Easy Catch!
Choose colour
Sensory Ball - Water Bead Ball
Watch the beads twirl.
Sensory Ball Glitter Dust Liquid
Visually stimulating!
Choose colour
Sensory Ball Glitter Water
Watch the beads twirl.
Sensory Ball Rainbow
Sensory Balls Tactile Set (6)
BPA free!
Small Sensory Kit
£13.99 £14.99
Asstd Colours!
Sound & Light Tactile Ball
6 textures!
Stepping Stones
Six stones!
Streamer Ball
Easy Catch!
Tactile Circle Set
10 circular discs!
Triangle Ball
Wobble feature!
Wooden Balance Bike
Sturdy & lightweight!
Wooden Balance Board
Roll the balls into the slots!
Wooden Tiny Trike