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Free Weight Shaped Fidget

Crinkle Sound!
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    Free Weight Shaped Fidget

    The free weight shaped fidget is weight free (it is NOT a weighted product) and crinkles! it is the ideal sensory fidget aid, you can use the fidget shaped weight to keep your hands busy/to fidget when required. The fidget shaped free weight makes a crinkling sound like baby paper when touched. This sensory free weight shaped plush toy is sure to become a hit with it's crunching sound when squeezed! Fully safety tested, this is from the makers of Baby Paper! Washable, portable and lovable. Fully CPSIA tested. 

    The fidget weight shaped plush toy will help stimulate the sensory tactile and auditory senses. Many children with autism and neuro-developmental conditions find that fidgeting can help to alleviate stress and can also help them to remain calm during stressful situations such as transitions. This weight shaped plush toy can help distract children and adults by focusing their energy on fidgeting rather than what's changing around them. 

    This weight shaped plush fidget toy is great fun as a sensory fidget aid and can be quite satisfying as you get instant feedback from it when you touch it, even a light touch will create a crinkle sound. 

    The weight shaped plush fidget toy is also useful for therapists to use whilst working with people needing sensory stimulation, it's a very affordable sensory fidget aid that should be part of your sensory toolkit.

    The sensory weight shaped plush toy is two soft layers of fabric with a plastic sheet sandwiched between them which makes a fabulous crinkle sound! The weight shaped plush fidget toy​​​​​​​ is washable, just wash on a gentle cycle with similar colours.

    The weight shaped fidget toy is so simple but so effective at giving sensory feedback and stimulation that it's a must have sensory item.

    Fidgeting is often our body's response to stress or anxiety, research at the University of Hertfordshire in 2005 found that fidgeting improved performance in memory tests and this might be because it lowers the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that interferes with learning. Fidgeting gives your brain something to focus on so fidgeting on the weight shaped fidget toy​​​​​​​can be soothing and may reduce the amount of other, less directed, fidgeting or anxiousness that you may have.

    Fidgeting can also serve as a ritual for many people, which can have a comforting and grounding effect by offering predictability, familiarity, and structure. 

    Cognitive research suggests that fidgeting is associated with how stimulated we are. So this makes us believe that fidgeting may be a self-regulation mechanism to help us boost or lower our attention levels depending on what is required – either calming or energising us. The fidget weight shaped  toycan help as a great fidget aid.

    Product Information

    * One fidget weight shaped fidget toy​​​​​​​ supplied

    * Approx size - Length 15cm, width 7 cm, height 7cm


    Unsuitable for children under 3 years old. Wash on gentle cycle with like colours. Air or tumble on low heat.

    FAQ's for Fidget Free Weight Shaped Fidget Toy

    1. Is it washable?

    Yes the weight shaped fidget toy is machine washable.

    2. How big is the weight fidget toy?

    The fidget free weight shaped toy is approximately length 15cm, width 7cm, height 7cm



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