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Fine Motor Toys

Fine Motor Sensory Toys

Fine motor sensory toys enable children to develop skills to perform crucial tasks with their hands. There are many tasks that require fine motor skills such as reaching and grasping, moving objects and using tools. Our sensory toys can aid this fine motor development so that children get better at moving their hands and improve their hand eye coordination.

Children and adults with special needs often have difficulty with fine motor tasks due to lack of coordination and control so they will need lots of practise involving fine motor sensory play.

Browse our sensory toys at Sensory Toys UK to help support and develop your child's fine motor skills.

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Alphabet Wooden Wall Panel
Slide the letters to create new words!
Crocodile Wooden Wall Panel
£139.99 £183.33
Fidget ball
Hrs of fun!
Fidget Cube
Assorted Colours!
Fidget Game Pad
Go Ahead and Fidget!
Fidget Toy Baffle Puzzle
Hrs of fun!
Fidget Toy Cube
Fidget Toy
Choose Colour
Fidget Toy Funny Tubes Gift Set
In a gift box!
Fisher Price First Fidget Cube
6 different sides!
Getting Dressed Wooden Wall Panels
Develop skills to tie laces, button up, velcro, zip the bag etc!
Jacob's Ladder
Can you Master them?
Knock Out Monkey Wooden Toy
Try not to topple the monkey!
Magnet Large Horseshoe
Assd Colours!
Magnet Play Set
Includes Activity Guide
Maths Wooden Wall Panel
Slide the numbers and signs!
Mini Newton's Cradle Fidget Toy
Relax and watch!
Pebble Chalk Set
5 colours included.
Pebbles Activity Set - Fine Motor Skills
36 pebbles & 20 activity cards!
Rattle Magnets
Watch them spin and listen for the rattle!
Sensory  Blocks Tactile
Colour Mixing!
Sensory Bear Wooden Wall Panel
£69.99 £81.99
It includes a maze puzzle, a mirror and an eye catching spinning gear puzzle.
Sensory Blue Aeroplane Wall Panel
£149.99 £199.99
Includes wire beads, a spinning disc which makes a sound, a magnetic rolling track and trace slider, a puzzle block slider, a clock with moving hands and turning gears to power the propeller! Fully assembled!
Sensory Car Wooden Wall Panel
Includes an instrumental panel, steering wheel and gears like a real car!
Sensory Cow Turning Wooden Wall Panel
Turn the patterns and watch!
Sensory Crocodile Wooden Wall Panel
Encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and social play.
Sensory Elastic Fidget Toy
CE Marked!
Sensory Elephant Wooden Wall Panel
£69.99 £81.99
Includes a xylophone, spinning musical wheel and a wooden sound board, great for musical fun.
Sensory Hippo Wooden Wall Panel
£69.99 £81.99
Helps to develop fine motor skills!
Sensory Horse Wooden Wall Panel
Includes wire, beads and gears!
Sensory Putty Aroma Scented
Orange or Apple Scent!
Choose scent
Sensory Sequined Frame
Tactile/visual feedback!
Sensory Wall Maze Manipulative Wall Toy
£43.95 £54.95
Manipulate the blocks to match the 8 different sequences!
Spinning Gears & Cogs
Spinning Around!
Straw Building Set
800 pieces!
Therapy Putty Sensory Set
Non toxic/non greasy Putty!
Thread the Wooden Cheese Toy
Fun threading activity!
Totally Gross Putty
Slimy Gross Putty
Choose Type
Transparent Counters (250)
250 counters!
Tumbling Fidget Stick
Can you Master them?
Choose Colour Preference (not guaranteed)
Whale Buckle
6 buckles & a zip!
Wooden Bead Sequence
Includes 72 beads!
Wooden Beads Sensory Toy
Non toxic.
Wooden Construction Set
53 pieces!
Wooden Counting Toy
Flexible learning
Wooden Lacing Blocks Transport
Vehicles can also be used as standing figures.
Wooden Pop up Toy
Push the characters into their holes and wait for them to pop up!
Wooden Ring Stacker - Polar Bear
It swings too!
Wooden Wire Beads
Develops fine motor skills!
Xylophone & Pounding Bench
Xylophone can be separated