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Fidget Toys
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Fidget Toys at Sensory Toys UK
Fidget toys are tactile toys that can keep busy hands calm.  A Fidget toy is usually small enough to be portable  so that you can fit it in your pocket.
Fidget toys are usually sensory toys that can be squeezed, squished or moved in some way giving your hands sensory tactile feedback.
Our Fidget Toys come in different textures and colours to stimulate the tactile and visual senses to enhance the sensory play experience.Using fidget toys improve fine motor skills, hand to eye co-ordination and  concentration
Fidget toys are often known as stress relief toys or stress toys as they can help relieve stress/anxiety, especially during transition times. By providing tactile and visual stimulation, our large range of fidget toys for ADHD and autism can help improve focus and concentration.
We have many different fidget toys to include stress balls,  mesh balls, ooze tubes, squidgy toys, fidget spinner, togglerz , fidget toy cube, magnets and more to ensure that our range of fidget toys is designed for learners with different sensory needs.
Our fidget toys and tangles for autism are ideal for children with additional needs such as ADHD, autism and sensory processing issues.
These fidget toys can keep hands busy whilst helping to develop fine motor skills, reduce self stimulatory behaviour and and de-stress. Fidget Toys also encourage focus. Some sensory toys in our fidget toys range will also light up allowing them to be used in a sensory room or dark den.
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