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Fidget Game Pad

The Fidget Game Pad is a brilliant fidget toy for sensory seekers and children/adults that like to fidget in a discreet way.

The Fidget Game Pad looks like a mini game controller, making this fidget toy is one of our best selling fidget toys. If you have busy hands then this fidget is great to help calm them. It has different fidget toys on each side of the fidget pad, you can click, spin and roll buttons, switches and joysticks.

The Fidget Game Pad is also one of our favourite, in a range of stress toys and stress relief toys, that can be carried around with you. This fidget toy can help to relieve anxiety and stress and is a great addition to our stress toys without looking like one, as it's very discreet. It is a great toy for autistic children and often helps children/adults with ADHD that fidget to calm down and focus.

Variations: assorted colours blue, white, red and yellow - chosen at random

Product Information

Approx fidget size: 2.5 x 7.5 x 4 cm
1 Fidget toy supplied.
Age: 8+ years.
Random colour supplied


Suitable for children 8+ years old.


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GTIN 5050565296603
Brand Sensory Toys UK
Product Code KG100
Weight 0.01kg