Chewigem Twister Bangle Chew (Child) Chewelry

Chewable Bangle

Chewigem Twister Bangle

The Chewigem Twister Bangle is a chewigem for mild chewers, that blends in and is also great for fidgety hands. The Chewigem Twister Bangle is part of our range of stress toys and stress relief toys, making it a great chewigem for hand and cuff chewers - redirection to the band, helps to break habits.

The Chewigem Twister Bangle is a great fidget toy too, as its designed with a twist effect for extra sensory input and oral stimulation. From our range of sensory toys, the Chewigem Twister Bangle is an ideal toy for autistic children and children/adults with sensory disorders.

The Chewigem Twister Bangle can be used with the Chewigem Chewipal (available to purchase separately) to secure to bag, chair, car seat harness etc.

Check the Chewigem Twister Bangle regularly for damage and disregard it as soon as there are signs of wear and tear.

Available in various colours!

Product Information

Child size.
For mild chewers.

N.B Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different. 


Suitable for any age but regular checking for wear and tear is required and damaged the product should be replaced

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Brand Chewigem
Product Code CG9