Chewelry Chewigem Adult Tread Bangle

For moderate to robust chewers

Adult Chewelry Chewigem Tread Bangle.

A  chewelry bangle that is one of our most popular chewelry bangles, you can chew it but it still looks like an ordinary bangleso it will blend in with any outfit! This chewelry from Chewigem is so discreet and of great quality. 

This Chewelry tread bangle has sensory bumps for extra sensory input and oral stimulation. Ideal for hand and cuff chewers - redirection to the bangle helps to break habits. Does not look like a disability aid and discreetly serves persons need to chew.

Suitable mostly for adults and some larger children dependant on size. As a guide make a fist and measure around the knuckles - approx 65mm internal diameter.

Chewelry can be really useful to reduce anxiety and to calm as you focus on the oral feedback from the chew. 

Product Information

* Adult sized Chewelry Tread Bangle 

Internal diameter approximately 65mm (usually ideal for adults).

* Colour: Blue 

* Non toxic chewelry 100% medical grade silicone.

* Chewelry is dishwasher safe or easily cleaned in hot water or steriliser.

* Silicone is naturally odourless so there's no chemical smell to the chewelry. 

N.B Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different. 


Check chewelry often for wear and tear, discard chewelry if broken.

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Brand Chewigem
Product Code CG65