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Chewigem and Chewelry Oral Chews

Chewigem and Chewelry help many children and adults who have sensory issues to remain calm.  Our lovely Chewigem Chewelry offer a discreet alternative to a dummie and provide calm, focus and relief to children and adults that need to be able to chew. Many of our chewelry looks like jewellery so they don't stand out as an essential aid. 

We have a wide range of Chewigem products ranging from chewigem fidget toys to chewigem bangles.

Chewelry and Chewigem offer lots of oral stimulation and help build mouth muscles as they bite and chew. Many of our chewigem and chewelry products also have a dual purpose as fidget toys too to redirect finger/knuckle biting and to help prevent chewing on sleeves and clothes.

Our Chewigem and Chewelry have a range of different biting resilience, please read the product details for further information.

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