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They've finally arrived, the long awaited fidget slugs are now available to buy at Sensory Toys UK. 
The majority of people are familiar with stress balls. Stress balls have become very popular over the last few years and have a variety of shapes and textures. Using a stress ball can have physical and emotional benefits and can be used in a variety...
You've probably heard of a Dark Den for sensory play however we are now introducing the White Den! 
A stress ball is a malleable stress toy that you can squeeze in your hand and manipulate with your fingers. A stress ball gives a lot of tactile feedback and can help relieve stress and release frustrations.
Tuff trays come in lots of different colours, the standard tuff tray colours are black or blue however you can now buy a tuff tray in the following colours – white, cream, red, yellow, green, pink, purple, green.